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Why choose fresh beef jerky?

To put it bluntly, beef style jerky simply tastes better when it's fresh. When you think about it, it makes sense, because this rule applies to almost everything you eat. When you receive jerky products from us, you can be confident that it was prepared within two weeks of delivery. When you purchase store-bought jerky-style beef products, they are often two months old or more.

When you consider how easy it is to order better, fresher jerky with the click of a button then why not order from us today? Because our jerky shipping is always free and sent fast delivery via Priority Mail to the USA and over 100 other countries, it makes sense to order the good stuff. Why settle for less than the best when you can have the best quality, old fashioned style jerky delivered right to your front door?

Choosing from Our Wide Selection of Beef Jerky Flavors

With six mouth-watering beef flavors to choose from, the hardest decision you'll have to make when ordering, is figuring out which jerky you like the best. All of our jerky products are sliced from quality cuts of lean beef steak. The quality of our jerky starts with the quality of our beef, and we don't cut any corners when it comes to the beef we use for our hand-crafted recipes. What follows is a brief overview of our beef flavors.

Beef Jerkey or Beef Jerky?

There is often confusion over the spelling of or products - is it beef jerkey or jerky? While the correct spelling is j-e-r-k-y, many of our customers spell the term "beef jerkey." Not to worry though, we've been selling "beef jerkey" long enough to know that making the best jerky on the market doesn't require a college degree in spelling. If you use the term "beef jerkey" in your order, we will still know what you mean.

A quick search on the internet will confirm that the use of the phrase beef jerkey is far more common than one might first think. "Beef jerkey" is used in both various homemade recipes, and in a variety of other applications. So if you were wondering about the spelling, or weren't 100 percent sure, now you know that you need to spell it "beef jerky" and not "beef jerkey."

CLICK HERE or Call to Place Your Jerky Order Today (408) MY JERKY (408-695-3759)

Whether you are placing your jerky order in the USA, The Planet Earth, or The International Space Station, you qualify for free, same-day shipping. It has never been easier to get quality, homemade jerky shipped to your doorstep.

What do BeefJerky.com customers say?

Janne A.

"Superb service and jerky. I have already told my friends about your jerky! I always like the black pepper jerky."

Janne A., Finland

Christian H.

"Lovely service, dude! And of course, Best jerky on the market!"

Christian H., Norway

Oystein V.

"Hi. I just tried your beef jerky and loved it. So I ordered five new bags."

Oystein V., Norway

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