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Shipping Policy

Beef Jerky Customer Care Information

We almost always ship beef jerky orders on the same day that they are received. All orders have free shipping within the USA. We ship your package via US Postal Service Priority Mail and Priority Mail International.

FREE USA Shipping Explained: For customers within the continental United States, there are no extra added shipping & handling charges, nor taxes, added at the end of the ordering process.

Beefjerky.com checks for any last-minute beef jerky orders in this order-taking system Monday through Friday at 4:00pm Central Standard Time (-07:00 CST), so that we can put your order in the mail before the Post Office closes for the day. Because beef jerky is a food product, all sales are final. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please Send Us an E-mail with your concerns. We want all our customers to enjoy their purchase and will do what we can to resolve your concern.

International Shipping Explained:

We must charge shipping for customers outside of the USA. For every 6 bags of jerky we must charge an additional $33 USD to cover shipping.
Beefjerky.com can send beef jerky to almost every country on Earth via International Priority Mail. Most countries' Customs Officers will allow Beefjerky.com products entry because it is certified to be safe and wholesome by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Some countries cause difficulties for their Citizens. Your package may be refused entry, so order at your own risk. We will not refund your order if it is destroyed by Customs.