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Bulk Beef Jerky

Bulk Beef Jerky

  • Do you sell beef jerky in bulk quantity?

    Do you sell quantities of bulk beef jerky?

    At BeefJerky.com, we understand why you would want to buy in bulk. With far out flavors like Final Frontier, Extraterrestrial and Galactic Garlic, many want to make sure they’ve got enough to last a few light years. We have three ways to purchase our tasty jerky:

    Single Packages – this allows the curious customer to taste more variety.

    6-Packs – once you’ve found your favorite, this ensures you won’t run out.

    Dirty Dozen – when you know what you like and are ready to share.

    When you buy a single package, that’s ½ pound of beef. When you purchase a 6-pack, that’s 48 ounces of beef. When you select a dirty dozen, you will be receiving 96 ounces of chewy goodness. Choose any of our unique flavors to really spice things up. When you purchase our jerky, you should know that we make it a point to sell it while it’s fresh. You can be assured your jerky was prepared within two weeks of delivery. Fresh jerky is the best jerky. We also have you covered on the back end with free shipping in the USA over 100 countries – BOOM... you’re welcome.

  • What is the discount if I buy beef jerky in bulk?

    What is the discount if I buy beef jerky in bulk?

    We’ve got discounts! The best words an internet shopper can read, right? Some single packages have different discounts already applied. Sign up with your email on your initial visit to the site and you have the opportunity to receive a 5%, 10%, 15% or even a 20% discount!! What can be better than that, you ask?

    Well, we offer about a $2.50 per pack discount when you purchase a 6-pack of the same flavor and almost a $3 discount per bag when you select a dirty dozen of the same flavor. It all depends on how much you want to save. Get your taste on…. make sure you have plenty to share…come back for more.

  • How do I buy beef jerky in bulk?

    How do I buy bulk jerky?

    To buy beef jerky in bulk is to reap the best of what life has to offer. Simply, log on to www.beefjerky.com, select the flavors you want to taste and click the bulk amount you prefer. The best bulk discount is if you purchase 12 packs of the same flavor and there are also superb discounts for a purchase of 6 packs of the same flavor. Here is a list of the flavors offered:

    Time Warp Teriyaki - Honey Teriyaki Beef
    Solar Flare - Spicy Red Pepper Beef
    Drunk Astronaut - Whiskey BBQ Beef
    Hickory Horizon - Original Hickory Beef
    Space Cowboy - Cowboy Beef
    Final Frontier - Black Pepper Beef
    Extraterrestrial - Jalapeno Garlic Beef
    Galactic Garlic - Sweet Garlic Beef
    Lunar Eclipse - Sweet & Spicy Beef

    We also have a Peppered Buffalo Jerky or try our 4oz bulk sampler to taste all nine flavors. Orders up! Live long and eat lots of jerky.

More beef for your money! Our ½ pound bags are cheaper by the ounce than retail bags.

Plenty of flavors to explore. Try them all until you find your favorite!

Tender and juicy. Pulls apart easily and leaves no mess.

Beef jerky is a healthy snack, or meal option for folks on the go.