High Quality, Fresh Beef Jerky
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  • Is beef jerky healthy for you?

    Absolutely! Each serving of beef jerky is packed with 17 grams of protein and plenty of iron for healthy blood cell formation. Beef jerky has no sugar and is low in fat. At 80 calories, it’s a delicious, guilt-free snack.

    However, those who are watching their sodium should be careful—salt is crucial to the process of creating beef jerky. This means each serving tends to have a fairly high sodium content.

  • Do you offer deer jerky, or any other types of meat?

    We do! We offer a variety of exotic flavors, from Alligator to Elk Teriyaki. Even if you do stick to beef we make sure that beef is never boring with flavors like Carolina Reaper BBQ or Whiskey BBQ Scorpion Peppers.

    So, go right ahead. Launch yourself into an incredible taste adventure.

  • What makes your beef jerky better than others?

    First, let’s talk taste. Astronauts chose our beef jerky for four separate space missions. That’s right, astronauts brought our jerky to space because it tastes that good. Maybe it’s the thick, large cuts of meat. Maybe it’s the way our jerky retains its moisture instead of requiring jaws of steel to eat it. Whatever it is, it’s good. Real good.

    And hey, it’s way less expensive than you might imagine too. You get ½ pound of jerky when you shop with us, at a price that’s cheaper per ounce than those weak 3 oz. bags you’ll find in retail stores. Sometimes it’s worth it to shop directly with the experts.

More beef for your money! Our ½ pound bags are cheaper by the ounce than retail bags.

Plenty of flavors to explore. Try them all until you find your favorite!

Tender and juicy. Pulls apart easily and leaves no mess.

Beef jerky is a healthy snack, or meal option for folks on the go.