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Newsletter List Vending Machine Supplies: Beef Jerky now offers one-ounce packets of FRESH beef jerky for your vending machines. These packets will fit into most types of vending systems.



Our primary demographic is "people with teeth"! We offer two great flavors of beef jerky that most people love! The beef jerky is sliced from whole-muscle, low-fat beefsteak. It is not an inferior pressed & formed meat paste product.

The Black Pepper Beef Jerky flavor is a real hit. This is the same recipe as our famous Final Frontier Jerky that has been selected for space-flight many times by astronauts. The black pepper and savory marinade give it a taste kick that is almost addictive. The Original Hickory Beef Jerky is mild and flavorful with a balance of spices that makes it our top seller for many years.

Beef Jerky is Good Food! Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to purchace a high-quality, high protein, low-carb, HEALTHY snack from all your vending locations. beef jerky flavors are time-tested over 30 years and taste GREAT!

Your low wholesale cost will allow you to price the packets of beef jerky so your customers get good value for their money, and you can make a good profit on each sale. You can order as many or few as you need for the size of your operation.

Please contact us via phone or email to inquire about our prices. Email: or Call: (408) MY JERKY that is (408) 695-3759.


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