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Beef Jerky from is a Low-Carb, Low-Fat, High-Energy Snack!'s fresh beef jerky is made from solid cuts of beefsteak. It is very low in carbohydrates and is an excellent snack food for Athletes and Sports Fans.

Everyone loves FRESH beef jerky from!

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With less than one gram (1 gm) of carbohydrates per serving, people enjoying active sports can enjoy this healthy, tasty snack and continue to control their weight. Don't go hungry, Enjoy FRESH beef jerky!

It's satisfying chewiness, long-lasting taste, and snappy flavors are enjoyed by nearly everyone. You won't be disappointed, beef jerky is fresher than what you can buy in your local store.

Our jerky flavors have been time-tested for over thirty years. With just enough flavors to spike the tastebuds, these old-fashioned style recipes are winners. Almost every single person who likes beef jerkey, loves our recipes. The real truth is: they nearly always say:

"This is the best jerky I have ever eaten."

No kidding, this is superb beef jerky.

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