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1 Batch = 3 1/2 pounds of pemmican.
Can be shaped into bars, for your own home-made energy snack bars.

3 - 8oz bags - Fresh Beef Jerky, high-quality -
Choose all one flavor, or mix flavors; black pepper, original hickory, teriyaki, or hot red pepper. See:

Put the beef jerky in a food processor or meat grinder and grind until fine. Spread it out very thinly on cookie sheets and oven-dry at 180°F overnight or until crispy and sinewy. Regrind or somehow break it into almost a powder.

3 cups dried fruit -
Choose and mix to taste currents, dates, raisins dried apricots, dried cherries, dried apples. Grind part of the dry fruit, and coarsely chop the other portion, for some texture.

2 cups rendered beef fat -
The best beef fat is inside the body cavity, near the kidneys. Ask your butcher for it.
Cut fat into chunks and heat over the stove over medium heat. Pour off the liquid and strain it. TIP: Vary the fat content of the finished pemmican to the temperature in which it will be consumed. Less fat for summer. Lots for winter.

Unsalted nuts to taste and a shot of honey.

Combine in a bowl and mix by hand.

Divide the batch into four portions. Or shape into bars, for your own home-made energy snack bars.

The pemmican will last for quite a while without refrigeration. It really can be eaten four years old. It actually improves with age.

Its an excellent good energy food for biking, canoeing, and cross country skiing.




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