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Our FRESH beef jerky is a true beef jerky, sliced from solid cuts of lean beef steak.

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BLACK PEPPER FLAVOR: This is our most popular jerky flavor. Final Frontier Jerky brand is our own traditional, old-fashioned style beef jerky. THIS FLAVOR IS SUGAR-FREE. Made with our time-tested family recipe for over 30 years, this flavor has just enough pepper to spike the taste buds. Our customers from all around the world, and astronauts in space tell us:
"Final Frontier brand is the best jerky I have ever eaten. This is superb beef jerky." Click to see prices with FREE delivery.

HONEY TERIYAKI BEEF JERKY: Settlers brand honey teriyaki beef jerky is thin, sweet, and soft. It is sliced from solid cuts of beefsteak. This honey teriyaki beef jerky is marinated, seasoned, and dried. The sweet honey teriyaki recipe gives it a smooth, balanced flavor and moist texture. This snack is a delicious, sweet meat treat! Click to see prices with FREE delivery.

MILD ORIGINAL HICKORY FLAVOR: Settlers brand is a premium Original Hickory beef jerky. THIS FLAVOR IS SUGAR-FREE. It is just as you would expect, mild and delicious. We are sure you will want another bag of this flavor, every time you visit Click to see prices with FREE delivery.


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HOT RED PEPPER FLAVOR: Settlers Brand, Ring of Fire beef jerky. This flamin' hot jerky, will bring tears to your eyes and endorphins to your brain. If you crave burning hot, spicy beef jerky, with a complex under-flavor that compliments the heat, you must try this tasty flavor. Click to see prices with FREE delivery.

WHISKEY BBQ FLAVOR: Settlers brand has done it again! This Whiskey Barbeque beef jerky is absolutely delicious. It is like the beef jerky came off the BBQ grill, sauced to perfection with a semi-sweet & mild whiskey-flavored barbeque sauce. Click to see prices with FREE delivery.

We found two more excellent recipes and now offer SIX flavors.

SWEET & SPICY FLAVOR: Settlers Brand, Sweet & Spicy beef jerky. This flavor is a good medium hot jerky, its not crazy hot like our Ring of Fire jerky. The sweetness nicely mellows the spiciness and this beef jerky flavor is very balanced. Click to see prices with FREE delivery.

All our FRESH beef jerkey is sent to you in convienent half-pound bags!

The products we sell are made in a facility that is inspected and approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

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