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Final Frontier Jerky's History with Cosmonauts and the Mir Space Station


Final Frontier Jerky Reaches Mir Space Station

17 Sep 97's Final Frontier Jerky was delivered to the Russian Mir Orbital Complex, via NASA’s Atlantis space shuttle. Both crews will enjoy the great tasting beef jerky aboard Mir. President Returns from Russia.

28 Apr 96 Due to a small problem with the rondevouz of the Priroda module and the Mir space station, Mr. Nemitz was unable to conclude negeotiations to launch Final Frontier Jerky with officials at Energia-Astro Space Services.. Further talks will take place in coming months.. President Leaves for Russia to Negotiate Jerky Launch

22 Apr 96 SAN DIEGO President Gregory Nemitz of, left today for Moscow. While there, he will meet again with officials from Energia-Astro Space Services to hammer out the details for a Final Frontier Jerky television commercial, to be made aboard Space Station Mir. He is carrying samples of Beef Teriyaki, Beef Red Pepper, and Black Pepper Beef Jerky. The Black Pepper variety has been specially prepared and packaged for spaceflight..

Officials from Energia-Astro and Final Frontier Jerky Unable to Agree on Jerky Launch Details in San Diego

29 Mar 95 SAN DIEGO After several rounds of negotiation here in San Diego, officials from and Energia-Astro were unable to agree on a date to launch a package of Final Frontier Beef Jerky to the Mir Orbital Complex. Further negotiations may take place in Moscow, later this year.

Bureaucratic Red Tape Delays Jerky Launch

20 Dec 95 Unresolved complications have delayed the January launch date.. Specifics of the contract are still being researched to obtain approval for launch. The jerky earmarked for orbit was released to the ground crew at Baikounour.. No firm launch date is available at this time.

Final Frontier Jerky Begins Journey to Space

On Oct 20th, 1995; two one-half pounds of Red Pepper Final Frontier Jerky were given to a courier to hand-carry to NPO-Energomash in Russia. Red Pepper jerky is the prefered flavor by the cosmonauts who tasted the earlier samples. The Final Frontier Jerky will be launched into orbit on January first or second, 1996; the first beef jerky ever to launched into space. The jerky bags have a specially enlarged label placed upon them. This is to ensure that the product will present well to the camera during the taping of the TV commercial aboard the Mir Space Station.

Russians Offer to Film TV Commercial in Orbit

On Oct 4th, 1995 was contacted by NPO-Energomash with the offer to film a television commercial for Final Frontier Jerky aboard the Mir space station. The medical staff at NPO-Energomash have approved Final Frontier Jerky for spaceflight.. Negotiations are underway to finalize the filming and financial details.

Cosmonauts Love Final Frontier Jerky:

On Aug 14th, 1995 Officials at ISE in San Diego, left for Russia and Star City carrying a two kilo package of Final Frontier Jerky. The officials at NPO-Energomash were very impressed with's Final Frontier Jerky. Fresh beef jerky is lightweight, tastes great, and has high food-value. These features make beef jerkey an excellent food for use in Space.

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