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Free Final Frontier Jerky for Cosmonauts

Our Final Frontier Jerky is available FREE to anyone flying on Russian spacecraft. Throughout history, beef jerky has been included on expeditions. We want to see that tradition continued as the Space Age comes of age.

When you are ready for your rocket flight into space, remember to ask us for your free Final Frontier Jerky supplies. For confirmation, e-mail your flight and crew schedules to: Letters

One pound of beef jerkey per person to orbit is complements of Please place your request at least 4 weeks prior to your lift-off.

NEWS FLASH -- Final Frontier Jerky is now available for delivery upon a crew request from the International Space Station. The first requested delivery from orbit was accomplished via a Progress freighter spacecraft on 22 May, 2001. Just ask the ISS Food Manager to include it at the next re-supply opportunity.

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