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NASA Worker Shares Astronaut's Reaction

To Final Frontier Jerky While On Orbit


I talked to one of the crew members yesterday morning, about the STS-79 trip to the Mir. I asked him about's Final Frontier Beef Jerky (among other Mir adventure stories). I wish you could have been there; you would have been on Cloud Nine. He said it was great -- the flight was so busy they didn't have a lot of time for meal prep, so they practically lived on jerky. They'd grab a piece of jerky and go off to do what they had to do. You're right; beef jerky is really the stuff of pioneers!

They had no problem at all with floating debris or packaging, so you can ignore my concern about that. Whatever you did was just the right thing to do. And the big chunks were no problem either; they just tore off strips of the stuff.

They only had one package of Final Frontier Beef Jerky left when they got home, and that one survived only because it got packed in with some other stuff. (Somebody spent quite a bit of time searching for it.)

He asked if anybody sells Final Frontier beef jerky around here. I didn't know if you made contact with any of the local establishments, but at least I could tell him they could order it directly from you. I'll send him a note with your address and web site URL.

I promised the WETF crew I'd order some more jerky from you (er ... there's only one package left). I'll send you a real order in a separate note, so it won't get lost in this wordy missive.

Final Frontier Jerky Leaves Earth on Maiden Voyage

16 Sep 96 KENNEDY SPACE CENTER Today STS-79 successfully orbited's Final Frontier Jerky for the first time. The flawless pre-dawn launch took place under partly cloudy skies.. At 4:54 am EDT the engines roared to life and lit up the sky as Atlantis cleared the tower. The sound rumbled across the ten kilometer distance to the spectators and shook the vehicles parked on NASA Causeway. As the ship climbed skyward it was visible to the crowd until it was over 100 kilometers aloft and away. Atlantis is on her way to Russia's Mir space station, where both crews will enjoy Final Frontier Jerky.

NASA Receives Final Frontier Jerky for next Atlantis Launch

24 Jun 96 Today confirmation was received from the Shuttle Food Sub-system manager that the Final Frontier Jerky destined for orbit, was received in good condition. It will be kept under refrigeration until just before the launch, to assure maximum freshness. The product's shelf life is typically more than six months at room temperature, but the food manager likes to serve her astronauts with the best possible quality, on fresh food tray items.

Final Frontier Jerky Shipped to NASA for Shuttle Launch

20 Jul 96 One hundred-ten one-ounce packages of Black Pepper Flavor Beef, Final Frontier Jerky was sent to NASA today, the 27th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. The crew of STS-79 Atlantis, will take Final Frontier Jerky on it's maiden voyage to outer space in mid-September. The flight was delayed due to problems with the Solid Rocket Boosters on the previous shuttle flight. Fifty packages are slated for inclusion on STS-79. Fifty packages will be held in reserve for future shuttle crews to taste-test for their missions. Six packages were included as gifts for Dr. Lucid and the cosmonauts aboard the Mir space station. Four packages were sent for the staff at the shuttle food subsystem group at JSC, in appreciation for their part in sending Final Frontier Jerky into Space.

Final Frontier Jerky Slated for August 96 Shuttle Launch

28 May 96 SAN DIEGO -- Today, received telephone confirmation that the crew of STS-79 will carry Final Frontier Black Pepper Beef Jerky into space. The Shuttle Food Subsystem Manager confirmed her order for 100 one ounce packets of the Black Pepper Flavor. STS-79 is currently slated for launch during the first week of August, 1996. The Final Frontier Jerky will be delivered to NASA during the 2nd week of July. STS-79's mission is to the Mir space station where astronaut Dr. Shannon Lucid will be retrieved and brought back to Earth.

Final Frontier Jerky Sent to NASA for Astronaut Taste-test

30 Apr 96 One-ounce sample packages of all the flavors available of Final Frontier Jerky were sent via USPS Priority Mail to NASA today. The crew of STS-79 will sample the beef jerkey and decide if they want to include it in the fresh food tray on their shuttle flight in August.

NASA Astronauts Agree to Sample Final Frontier Jerky

In a letter dated 12 April, 1996 the Shuttle Food Subsystem Manager (SFSM) at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston has requested addtional samples of Final Frontier Jerky. The crew of six on the shuttle mission slated for August 1996 (STS 79), will taste test Final Frontier Jerky, and if approved, the crew will carry FFJ to orbit with them on their fresh food tray. In the letter the SFSM states: "Your products were included in sensory evaluation panels performed in our facility.. The product scored well in our panels."

In a letter dated 26 Jan 96, the Food Development Group at Johnson Space Center, invites to submit samples of Final Frontier Jerky for evaluation. The samples were sent USPS Priority Mail on 2 Feb 96.



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