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History and Facts about Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has been made by humans since before the domestication of beef cattle (bovines) began, about 10,000 years ago. Before then, humans would make jerky from the meat from nearly any animal they hunted, including bovines. Jerky recipes have been a part of life and nutrition for over 50,000 years. Today, there are beef jerky outlets all over the world, each with their own selection of recipes. The jerky article in the Wikipedia has helpful information.

Beef jerky was originally made as a means of preserving beef for future use. Fresh meat spoils rapidly and humans needed a way to save it for times when food was not easy to find. Jerky was the choice method of preservation.

Meat from hunting was sliced thin with stone and bone tools. Then it was hung up to dry in the sun and wind. A smoky fire would burn nearby to add some heat and smoke keep the insects away from the fresh meat. Sometimes a shelter made of animal hides was built around the drying meat to shield the meat from rain or snow, and to intensify the smoke and heat. Deer, elk, and antelope are still hunted and made into jerky today.

In modern times, beef jerky is made at home and in factories. Although time-consuming, it is fairly easy to make good beef jerky in a home oven, or tabletop dehydrator. The variety of beef jerky recipes is nearly endless and available for free on the Internet.

Nearly 50% of every person on Earth likes beef jerky. It is a tasty and wholesome snack food. Since beef jerky does not spoil, it is convenient to keep handy for a quick energy snack at any time of day.

Worldwide, the beef jerky industry retails about US$3 Billion worth of beef jerky to consumers each year. The largest producers are the USA, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Australia.

Modern factories make beef jerky by the truckload. All factories are under the supervision of government inspection agencies, such as the USDA. In the USA, it is almost always illegal to make beef jerky and package it for sale unless the maker is approved by the United States Department of Agrculture.

Beef jerky is sold at many different types of stores. It is readily available at convenience stores, groceries, drug stores, gas stations, and even vending machines. Since beef jerky is concentrated beefsteak, it is a high-quality and nutritious food. It requires 3 pounds of beef to make one pound of finished beef jerky.

In the USA, over 25% of all beef jerky is made by only four major corporations. Smaller companies, like, use their skills to hand-craft small batches of beef jerky, taking great care to make each batch at the highest quality possible. Some people search for the lowest price, and some people search for the highest quality. At, the management strives to maximize product quality while maintaining fair and reasonable prices. As a bonus, offers free shipping to its customers using the Internet and the website.

Beef jerky will remain on the worldwide menu of snack choices for many centuries to come. As long as humans have teeth, they will continue to eat and enjoy beef jerky.





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